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The High Commission of Nigeria in Malaysia with concurrent accreditation in Brunei is the seat of authority and Chancery of the High Commissioner as the sole representative of Mr President in Malaysia and Brunei, charged with the primary duty to promote cordial relations between Nigeria and Malaysia with the concurrent accreditation of Brunei.

The Mission aims to protect the National interest of Nigeria and that of Nigerians resident in Malaysia and Brunei. The implementation of Nigeria’s foreign policy through the instruments of diplomacy cannot be overemphasized, bearing in mind the economic diversification agenda as a key priority area of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration.  

However, these mandates are set to be achieved through economic diplomacy which aims to attract foreign direct investments to Nigeria in the sectors of Agriculture (vast arable land that stretched from the Swampy mangrove in the South to the Sahel Savannah in the North); Energy (Solar, Hydro carbon and one of the largest natural gas reserves in the world); Mines and Solid Minerals (Gold, Iron ore, Diamond and Lime stone); and Entertainment Industry (Nollywood with an approximate production output of over 3000 movies annually and a number of multiple Grammy Award-winning Artistes in the music industry); numerous tourist attractions are there for visitors to explore.  

Nigeria as the giant of Africa is a home for all and Nigerians are very hospitable, accommodating as well as very enterprising people. Ample opportunities await investors as Nigeria is the largest economy in Africa against all odds.

The High Commission operates an open-door policy. Therefore, prospective tourists, investors and Nigerians in the diaspora should feel free to reach out to the Mission 24/7 for all enquiries and relevant information on all its activities, during weekdays, from 9 am – 5 pm.

Our Services

Trade & Investment

Trade & Investment

Nigeria, the giant of Africa. We facilitate and help with advice on trade and investing in Nigeria.


Processing of new, and renewal of E-Passport for all Nigerian Citizen.


Processing of visa applications for visit, business or temporary work purposes.

Consular Services

Serving Nigerians on matters related to emergency Travel Certificate (ETC), single status, lost passport, arrest, passport confirmation and other genuine cases.


Processing and verification of all study related documents in Malaysia.

Emergency Travel Certificate ETC

Processing of Emergency Traveling Certificate ETC for all Nigerian Citizens